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If you are looking for a rich and lavish love life that you deserve, Millionaire club is the one of the best millionaire dating sites that can connect rich men and women. The unique services get you into various sessions. The ultimate goal here to find the best partner for you. Priced worth the services Millionaire Club has gone long way to accomplish their goal of finding love. Driven by quality service, millionaire club is one of the best dating services that ould come across.


With a match system that focuses on your covert and emotional needs, Millionaires club’s pricing is worth its service. The assorted pricing system, customised as per your requirement, is not astronomically expensive for millionaires. It is worth noting that this is the most expensive millionaire dating site on the market.

  • Bronze: $45,000 per year (counselling, dating steps to success)
  • Silver: $65,000 per year (Dating coach, image consulting, hypnotherapy)
  • Gold: $85,000 per year (Patty would personally help you out)

Platinum: $100,000 (Includes international search, customised services with Patty)


The uniqueness of this website is in the features. Unlike the other dating websites, Millionaire club perfectly strikes the emotional chord by closely looking into your personal with its amazing services and features. Here is what they have in store for you:

Personalised meet: There is no better way to find your love than meeting them in person.

Instead of setting up things for you online; Millionaire club has exclusively brought to you a

private club that certainly would let you meet the other users in club.

Relationship counselling: This session includes therapies to improve you communication

and resolve any issue that you may foresee in your relationship so that you get better in

lasting in you love life with Millionaires Club.

Image Consulting: Get enrolled at Millionaires Club and be carefree your personality to a

notch higher by enhancing and upgrading your appearance in congruent with your mission to

find the live if your life.

Segregated Options: The segregation of varied options makes your experience worth your

desires. Subscription, package, services are all detailed and will let you choose your options


International search: This website doesn’t confine the search within the city. With

Millionaire club, you will find the best match anywhere on the globe.


This millionaire dating site redefines your personality and strives to get you, your love of life effortlessly. With a format that will foster healthy relationship with all the users and sessions that will take you to a different world of love, confidence and full of life, Millionaire Club has undoubtedly transformed many desires into well accomplished love life. The exclusive concept is very rare stated to work only if you are comfortable with the approach. For a fact, they don’t just make matches; they groom every individual to have a happy and a great love life.


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